Amusing Facts About the Human Body

By: Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N.


If you’ve ever studied the human body, hopefully you have realized how intricate and complex it really is.  The more we learn about the human body, the more incredible it becomes.  But, have you wondered why or how the body works the way it does?

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 – It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of; here are some amusing facts about the human body:

– The human body sloughs off an estimated 40 pounds of skin during a lifetime

– Babies have about 300 bones compared to 206 in an adult

– The body measures taller in the morning than at night

– Phantom Pain is a sensory phenomenon or perception that is experienced within an extremity or organ that is no longer a part of the body; seen in amputations or removal of an organ

– The largest internal organ is the small intestine, measuring about 21-23 feet long

– The largest organ of the body is the skin, weighing in at roughly 7-10 lbs. (depending on height and weight)

– A cough can project saliva and sputum from the mouth at a speed of 60 mph; a sneeze at a rate of 100 mph

– Why do men have nipples? Early in fetal development embryos have similar body tissues and make up before differentiating into their male and female counter parts

– Although it seems that men pass way more gas than woman, on average both pass essentially the same amount; roughly 14 times a day

– On average there are between 2000-5000 taste buds located on the tongue.  By 20 years of age, about half are lost

– With age, men typically lose high pitch frequency sounds first (Does this explain selective hearing?)


In the midst your busy life, take a moment, be thankful that the body works the way it does.  While amusing at times, science is still baffled and unable to explain many of the body’s functions.  So, appreciate the body, take care of it, live healthy, and maybe get a laugh out of it every now and then!

DEFINE’s senior instructor and anatomy specialist, Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N. is a doctor in chiropractic and registered nurse. Her love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology of the human body drives her to continue to share her experiences and knowledge with others as they peruse their journey towards health and restoration!

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photography by: Christi Minter