Resolutions & DEFINE cont’d  with Lori Hudson

Plateau…the dreaded word that can creep into your vocabulary, make you halt in your tracks, and disrupt the progress towards reaching your fitness goals!  But what does this word really mean and how can we achieve balance between rest and working hard towards achieving our New Years resolutions?


The French word plateau, is really a large elevated piece of land, relatively flat on the surface with one or more steep sides surrounding it.  It’s an area that is constantly exposed to wear and erosion. In a lot of ways, this weathered surface is similar to how we can begin to feel when embarking on any fitness journey.

So, do you feel like you’ve hit this point?  Don’t get discouraged!  Lets review some things to keep in mind in order to keep you progressing on towards your fitness goals. A fitness plateau has been described as an inability to increase physical strength and stability or to loose weight despite every effort.  This state can occur due to changes in metabolic demands and/or because the body has grown accustomed an exercise routine.

Lori Hudson

Pictured: Lori Hudson, Photo by: Christi Minter © DEFINE body & mind 

DEFINE wants help you achieve your fitness goals while avoiding those dreaded plateaus. Here are a few things to think about to reduce the chances of hitting this slowed state:

– Each DEFINE class targets the main muscle groups within the body but incorporates several different positions and moves to keep the body guessing

– Alternate workouts between DEFINE body, mind and rev classes

– Switch up your exercise week by varying your workout days

– Write down your goals and refer to them often

– Reach out to those around you, to help each other stay motivated and on tract

It is also important to allow for adequate rest to help the entire body recover from daily demands.  The amount of rest days can vary for each person.  Aim towards working out about 4-5 days a week, allowing 2-3 days of rest.

DSC_5957-2-LoriBlogKeep in mind that studies have shown that it takes about 21-40 days to really change a habit; we are almost there! Keep your mind focused and stay in the game! Maintain balance by remembering that when starting out on a new fitness journey, the exercise routine, intensity of our workouts, as well as achieving adequate rest will all promote optimal balance within the body and mind.

Join me next week as we wrap up this month, looking at how far we have come and how DEFINE continues to be here for you as you progress towards your health and fitness goals!

Lori Hudson