Tanya Teske (left), Gelena Scally (Center), Angela Goodwin (right)

BIG thank you (and hugs) to all the AMAZING DEFINE clients, employees and newbies that came out for G’s revolution class on Saturday, June 23. It means a lot to me, G and all the special pets at Buster’s Friends looking for forever homes.  During the month of June, DEFINE raised over $1,000 and collected buckets of items to donate to this wonderful cause. Being a part of a company that allows its employees to Define our own inspiration is empowering!!

I truly believe and support Buster’s Friends’ efforts. Their volunteers have HUGE hearts and care for our four-legged friends without a second thought. All these rescue pups just want to be loved, give an abundant amount of happiness to their owners and they don’t ask for anything in return.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like my rescue pup, Beau!

I work the Sunday morning shift at the DEFINE river oaks location. If we have not met, please stop by and say hi and/or share your doggy stories – I love meeting new and existing DEFINE members.




For more information about Buster’s Friends, please visit : www.bustersfriends.org