Are you expecting? Whether you are a regular at DEFINE or brand new to the studios, our Body class is an excellent way to create balance, reduce tension and restore energy to the body and mind throughout your entire pregnancy. All of our positions are easily modified to accommodate the changes that your body will be experiencing as your baby grows. Through a combination of strengthening and stretching, DEFINE can give you a way to maintain the strength you started with before your pregnancy and prepare you for the demands of delivery.


Prenatal modifications to make the most out of your DEFINE body class:
– Avoid spinal twists and fast hip shaking
– Work to maintain previous strength and fitness level.
– Keep head above heart
– While lying in supine position, use a ball behind the neck
– Avoid quick transitions, ease in and out of movements.
– Use light weights
– Take breaks as often as needed
– Rehydrate throughout class
– Remember to breathe! Use your breaths to guide you throughout each position.
** Remember to always consult your physician before starting an exercise program.
DEFINE prenatal classes coming soon!