Believe: Secured by faith, family and friends while walking through despair and back.  A personal story of how DEFINE has become family in the midst of heartache 

  By: Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N.

Lori_CM_Studio Pregnant“If you seek after community you tend to miss it but if you seek to love those around you, community forms.”

– Michael Frost

Do you have a place where you feel like you belong; when you walk in the door people are friendly, loving, and seem to honestly care about you?  

That’s what I feel at DEFINE and this is my story . . .

I am on the brink of giving birth to my second child and as I write this, thinking about relationships and those around me, I can’t help but remember the emotions felt when pregnant with my first.  About six months after DEFINE first opened, my late husband (Dave) of five years passed away suddenly from a cardiac arrhythmia.  He had no prior signs and symptoms; he was fine one minute and gone the next. I was almost six months pregnant with our first child. (Pictured Left – Lori Hudson Bertrand, photo by Christi Minter)

Brokenness and despair doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. What was supposed to be a joyous and exciting time quickly changed into heartache and endless pain.  But in the midst of it all my faith, family, and friends helped me during this difficult time. DEFINE and many of the clients and friends were right there as well to come along side me and love on my unborn child and me.

I was covered with love and generosity from hundreds of people spanning across several states – a baby shower, donations, hundreds of cards, calls, food and love. Through it all, I began to feel a since of belonging and community within DEFINE.


Pictured : David Joseph Hudson Jr. 

I can’t begin to express my thankfulness and gratitude for how the DEFINE community embraced and loved on me then and even now. With strong faith, a determined heart, and a child on the way, I knew I had to press on.  Now I am blessed with another wonderful marriage and another child on the way, and continue to appreciate the friendships and community that I have formed at DEFINE.

DEFINE isn’t meant to be just a place to workout, but a place to find community.  In order for community to form inside DEFINE and outside, we need to have compassion for one another like the compassion I experienced and still experience from those at DEFINE. Hopefully, those that surround you bring happiness, encouragement; causing you to strive to be a better person…even through difficult times. So reach out and embrace those around you and begin to feel community form.

As you walk through this week think about how you can love on those around you and join me next week as I dive in deeper into the physiological effects of isolation and social interaction.

Lori_ProfileDEFINE’s senior instructor and anatomy specialist, Lori Hudson Bertrand D.C., R.N. is a doctor in chiropractic and registered nurse. Her love for helping people and education of anatomy and physiology of the human body drives her to continue to share her experiences and knowledge with others as they peruse their journey towards health and restoration!