Take the DEFINE Challenge!

Are you looking for a challenge? A challenge that can help you transform your body & mind, and take your goals to a whole new place… If you think that you’ve got what it takes… try the DEFINE Challenge! It's March and by now your New Year's goal to get fit may...

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New DEFINE Programs – Be Your Absolute Best!

REGARDLESS OF YOUR GOALS, WE HAVE THE PERFECT PROGRAM FOR YOU! ABSOLUTE BEST: Who doesn’t want to be their “absolute best?” Our ABSOLUTE BEST program is ideal for those who are looking to fully utilize all D E F I N E has to offer. Achieve strength, length, &...

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Experience the Benefits of DEFINE yoga

Whether you have a devoted practice, are exploring yoga class by class, or are just curious about taking your first ever yoga class, chances are you have an idea of what yoga is. You may also know some of the benefits (and challenges) you might expect to experience by...

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Getting your Sexy Back – Just In Time For Valentines!

Have you ever thought about how lucky we are that Valentine’s Day hits in February instead of January? It gives us approximately 45 days to undo everything unhealthy we may have done to our bodies over the holidays. There are New Year’s resolutions, “Dry Januarys”,...

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Share the DEFINE love!

As a client, you already love DEFINE, so why not share it with your friends, family, and loved ones! For the month of February only, you can bring your loved ones to DEFINE for a FREE body, rev, bounce, yoga, or mind class. Show everyone in your life what makes DEFINE...

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New Year, BEST Year!

SWAG Bags Will Be In Studio Next Week! Since the hallmark behind D E F I N E is promoting a healthy lifestyle, it’s truly our goal to help you shine and be your ABSOLUTE BEST for 2017.  Many people get excited initially about turning over a new leaf for the new year...

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Beginner’s Guide To bounce

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with our bounce classes at D E F I N E. If anyone knows me, they know it’s my favorite thing to teach! But first, what exactly is D E F I N E bounce? bounce is a fun, high-energy, fat-burning, 45-minute interval cardio class of strength...

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Instructor Spotlight – Coco

Get To Know Coco - Instructor for body, rev, & mind Houston-raised, Cornilia (known around DEFINE as Coco), has a passion for all things health and wellness. A Physician Assistant with a focus in oncology by trade and a body, rev and mind instructor by passion,...

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bouncing Into A Better You!

“Have you tried DEFINE bounce yet?” I asked a client/friend this week. Her eyes squinted slightly, one eyebrow lifted. Her face expressed fear and uncertainty. But it also registered the slightest look of possibility. I took that as my chance to launch into all of the...

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Mix It Up!

With So Many Class Options at DEFINE, You Can Keep Your Workout Fresh, Fun, & Effective!  I am a runner. I always have been, and as far as I know and hope, I always will be!  Running completes me like no other workout. But as much as I love to lace up my kicks,...

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Stay Active: Even In The Heat!

The hot Houston days are still lingering with us. With that comes the continuation of social media car dashboard photos displaying 100+ degrees and rants about just how hot it truly is outside. Houstonians, are you really that surprised by the heat? It seems that even...

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Get Ready To bounce!

Get Prepared for bounce at DEFINE with a Few Helpful Tips! If you’ve spent some time in your local DEFINE lately, you’ve probably noticed some fun new things popping up and around the studio. Maybe you’ve seen your friends coming out of the body studio dripping sweat...

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DEFINE Your Strength With Three Key Moves

DEFINE Your Strength With Three Key Moves Years of working as a fitness instructor for DEFINE body & mind have taught me true strength means strength of body, mind, and soul—and any good workout should help you cultivate all three. Exercise is a great way to...

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Join Us: Back To Beauty Event

DEFINE BODY & MIND TO HOST BACK TO BEAUTY EVENT Find your most beautiful self –inside and out WHAT: DEFINE body & mind invites area residents to end summer on a high note with Back to Beauty on Sunday, August 28. Summer is wrapping up...It's time to get back...

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5 Tips For Staying Motivated by Lauren Mills

5 Tips For Staying Motivated by Lauren Mills  It’s easy to come up with excuses not to work out: laundry, grocery store, and work to name a few. In my case, it’s a new baby! Here are my 5 tips for staying motivated: Buy A New Outfit – Don’t have to tell me twice! A...

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Look & Feel Your Absolute BEST

With the recent Tidbits Treat special, we encourage clients to truly “dive in” and take as many classes as you can within 30 days. The timing for summer couldn’t be more perfect, and we are really confident with what our program stands for: DEFINE is all about helping...

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This season DEFINE takes you on a revolution for your body and mind. We'll explore DEFINE's three core class method with unique workshops, new retail, client success stories, and promotions to end with strong bodies and renewed minds to start the New Year.   New...

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Celebrate You!

My partner and I have a four-year-old son.  His name is Cameron.  Cameron, like most children, has an innate ability to express himself. At this point in his four-year-old existence, Cameron expresses himself through planes, trains, and automobiles. We have not only...

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Music Inspires, Motivates and Enhances Performance

Music is, no doubt, a huge part of DEFINE and interestingly enough, there is a lot of research to support the natural motivational power of a good upbeat song to not only enhance your workout, but your mood as well. We all know that really good feeling that flows...

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Stay fit this summer while away from campus by attending classes at your local DEFINE studio. Spend your 3 months off finding strength, length and balance at a discounted rate. See below for Student Special options at our various locations. All specials must be...

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5 Reasons to Workout with A Friend

It’s the last week to Spread the Love, where current clients have the opportunity to bring a friend for a free introductory class. This is a great way to get your BFF to fall in love with DEFINE, but there are also a number of psychological and physical benefits of...

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Share the Love: Free Friend February

  All February long, we're inviting you to share your love for DEFINE by inviting a friend to the studio. All new clients will experience their first class for free. Pass on your passion for strength, length and balance on these days:   DEFINE Houston...

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10 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workout

Most of us are fresh off the holidays and have set New Year’s resolutions. DEFINE Founder Henry Richardson shares why you could be sabotaging your workout resolutions with 10 fitness mistakes. Read below or watch Henry on Great Day Houston.    1. Unrealistic...

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Stuff your stockings with strength, length and balance this year! All under $60, these gifts will inspire the DEFINE-goer in your life to become their absolute best. Signature DEFINE items like equipment, apparel, foods and scents, these stocking stuffers will...

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Give the Gift of DEFINE

Give the gift of Strength, Length and Balance this season or make DEFINE your New Year’s Resolution with our holiday offerings. Gift Certificates Each DEFINE gift certificate is designed with a winter theme and arrives in a metallic envelope. Gift certificates can be...

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November Men’s Special

Let's hear it for the boys! In November, DEFINE is celebrating the blokes with a Men's Special all month. Any new male client can experience his first DEFINE class for FREE. If a class package is purchased during this visit, he will receive 50% off. New clients only....

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In August, we asked clients how DEFINE has changed them in our Summer Success Giveaway.  By telling us their story, the participants were entered into a drawing to win a private body or revolution event. Our DEFINE inbox was full of empowering tales of finding...

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Erin’s Summer Success Story

The DEFINE team has loved reading all of the Summer Success Giveaway entries. We are honored to learn how DEFINE has played a part in your health and fitness journey. One that has inspired us is by DEFINE: Sugar Land client, Erin. We hope her entry encourages you to...

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Soak in the last of the season and get ready to spend your fall in studio at DEFINE. With our End of Summer Special, you'll receive over $150 in savings on our barre, cycling and yoga-infused classes. Offered ONLY at the following studios. DEFINE: Midland Purchase 3...

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Spend Summer at DEFINE

Calling all undergrads! Stay fit this summer while away from campus by attending classes at DEFINE. Take advantage of our Student Summer Special where you can spend your 3 months off finding strength, length and balance. Student Summer Special $333 for 3 months of...

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Looking and feeling young in every phase of life, pt. 3

Looking and feeling young in every phase of life Part 3 of 3-Skin and Hydration  By Lori Hudson Bertrand DC, RN    Football on TV, a chill in the air…fall is here and there’s nothing quite like it!  A new season is approaching meaning another year has gone by.  With...

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DEFINE goes Pink!

Reflecting on this past weekend, we want express our gratitude to everyone who was able to participate in our DEFINE goes Pink event. We were overjoyed to see the love and support we felt within the community and to give a special thanks to Pinkberry, Zoe's Kitchen,...

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At 63, what DEFINE does for me!

Congratulations to our very own John Bagwell on his corporate highlight for his dedication to fitness! So proud of you and happy to play a part!! Here is his Team Member Highlight from Transwestern: "Find a modality of exercise that you love. With so many great...

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76 going on 77

Our client, Fairfax, is is turning 77 next month! She can do a forearm plank for 2 minutes.  She is amazing!...

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Stress: No one is exempt Part 2 of 3

Lori Hudson Bertrand DC, RN Stress is virtually impossible to avoid.  Doesn’t it seem like it’s become a “normal” state of being.  In some shape or form, stress has a way of taking hold of us, transforming who we are, how we function, and even our capacity to live...

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Can You Pass The Stress Test?

Chapter 3: Balance Balance is active.  Like a tightrope walker on a wire.  Creating balance takes both strength, length & an awareness that comes with practice.  At DEFINE all classes are based on the principle of both physical and mental balance so you can move...

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Can You Pass the Stress Test?

Chapter 1: Strength Strength is a founding principle of long-term health and wellness.  At DEFINE, this represents power, focus, and vitality.  The strength we develop in all of our classes carries us throughout our day, whether we are strengthening our muscles, minds...

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Beware the Glare, pt 2

Do Your Sunglasses Match Up? Keeping your eyes protected from those colorful, harmful rays. Part 2 of 2 (part 1 is here!) After several broken pairs of my sunglasses, my son received a pair of his own.  He’s kept up with them fairly well and surprisingly hasn’t broken...

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