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New DEFINE Programs – Be Your Absolute Best!

REGARDLESS OF YOUR GOALS, WE HAVE THE PERFECT PROGRAM FOR YOU! ABSOLUTE BEST: Who doesn’t want to be their “absolute best?” Our ABSOLUTE BEST program is ideal for those who are looking to fully utilize all D E F I N E has to offer. Achieve strength, length, &...

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Experience the Benefits of DEFINE yoga

Whether you have a devoted practice, are exploring yoga class by class, or are just curious about taking your first ever yoga class, chances are you have an idea of what yoga is. You may also know some of the benefits (and challenges) you might expect to experience by...

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Getting your Sexy Back – Just In Time For Valentines!

Have you ever thought about how lucky we are that Valentine’s Day hits in February instead of January? It gives us approximately 45 days to undo everything unhealthy we may have done to our bodies over the holidays. There are New Year’s resolutions, “Dry Januarys”,...

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Experience Expert: Amanda Akers

A year ago I was living in New York, working as an Account Executive at an advertising agency. This was the dream that I had worked so hard to achieve. I had done the impossible; I had moved to New York by myself and was able to get a job in the industry I came to...

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Re-charge and Re-fuel: Portugal Retreat

YOGA, MEDITATION, & FOOD RETREAT If you love nature, healthy & organically grown food, meditation, and yoga- you have found your perfect trip! Participate in daily yoga and meditation along with excursions to the Mediterranean beaches and charming white-washed...

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12 Steps To A Positive Life

Think Positive & Positive Things Will Happen As they say, “Positive thinking can help you achieve the impossible!” Of course, there are several quotes you can locate on the benefits of positive thinking and positive attitudes, but that is my favorite! A positive...

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Eating For Balance, Eating For Health!

In today's health-conscious society, we are constantly being bombarded with ideas of ‘perfect’ health, and the ‘foods’ to achieve it in the form of an overwhelming number of diet options. It can be quite overwhelming. As most people know, food is an essential part of...

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I’m Excited To Bring DEFINE To Bergen County

I am a modern mom, the mom that wants to do it all and have it all. I love my family, love being a business woman, and thrive as an entrepreneur. As crazy and hectic as my life sometimes gets, I really would not have it any other way. My latest goal is to bring DEFINE...

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DEFINE’s Competitive Franchise Advantage

Boutique Fitness Taken To The Next Level Strength Through Variety  From trends like low-impact to high-intensity training, consumers today are seeking a variety of different fitness options that range from strength training and cycling to meditation and yoga. In the...

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