Resolutions and DEFINE Part 2 , With Lori Hudson

How have you been doing over the past week?  It’s early in the game, motivation is high and our New Year’s Resolutions are still at the forefront of our minds!

By now energy levels are rising and muscles we never thought existed are coming to life!  Have you experienced any muscle soreness so far? If so, does it seem to be worse the day after a harder workout? This can be classified as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and is a normal occurrence within the human body.  When starting a new exercise program or demanding more from your body, tiny micro tears within the muscles occur naturally.

Lori-1Pictured: Lori Hudson, Photo by: Christi Minter © DEFINE body & mind

The greater the physical demand on the body, the more disruption of these muscle fibers. This, in return, causes more soreness. Research has shown that moving the body while muscles are sore can cause the muscle fibers to become stronger, building stamina and strength in these areas. Soreness should feel better as you continue movement.

Keeping the body moving through muscle soreness is a great way to build stamina and strength throughout the body! Alternate your workouts with DEFINE body, mind and Revolution classes.  DEFINE body will combine the perfect balance of strength and flexibility to the major muscle groups of the body. DEFINE mind creates a soothing environment, calming the mind while focusing on regaining and improving flexibility within the joints.  DEFINE revolution is our spin on indoor cycling. It incorporates DEFINE body on the bike for a high intensity workout, combing isometric moves and cardiovascular stamina all while providing a full body workout. Combining strength and flexibility to your workouts provides a sustainable method of achieving your goals while maintaining overall health and wellness.

As you strive towards your New Year’s Resolutions and fitness goals, muscle soreness is bound to occur.  This can signify signs of strengthening and stabilizing the body in healthy new ways.  Studies have shown that there are ways to reduce the soreness and speed up the healing time of tissues and muscles.   Not only is the physical conditioning of our bodies important to help maintain health, but also what we consume in our diet. Some nutrients that have been shown to be key contributors to reducing muscle soreness are: Calcium, Magnesium, Protein, Vitamin C and E, and omega 3.  When they are lacking in your diet, cramping, soreness, and delayed tissue healing can be seen.

DEFINE foods In-House Natural Foods Chef, Erin Stewart, has the scoop on the best sources of foods to help aid in your muscle recovery and they are all delicious.  Kale is hands down the best source of calcium found in food.  Dark leafy greens in general is good but kale is golden.  Chia seeds are a power food to get those Omega 3’s in.  You can make simple chia seed pudding for breakfast or sprinkle them on your salads.  Throw in some goji berries to your morning oatmeal for a Vitamin C and antioxidant kick- they are quite the superfood.  Vitamin E can be found in raw sunflower seeds, nuts and avocados and winter citrus fruits, loaded with C, are plentiful right now at the local farmers markets and Whole Foods Markets. Make a delicious salad with strips of kale, oranges, and avocado. Toss in some walnuts, good olive oil, a fresh squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of mineral-rich Celtic sea salt and you will have quite the filling of your daily nutrients in one dish.  As for your source of protein, go for lean fish, beans, nuts or hemp vegetable protein. We encourage eating seasonally and locally whenever possible in order to get all of the power nutrients and vitamins your body needs and craves on a daily basis.  Make sure to stop in on Wednesday for power juicing and smoothies and two very exciting events happening this weekend at DEFINE foods!

Come back next week as we expand on more nutrients that will target the joints and discuss keeping your bones healthy and strong as you progress towards your goals.  Keep it up everyone!

See you next Tuesday!

Lori Hudson