Personally, I love this time of year. The new year represents new beginnings, new goals, and new experiences.  Many clients have recently asked me if I set new years resolutions, and I respond eagerly, absolutely!  I love setting goals, and I find new years resolutions a great time to remind myself to set goals that give me something to look forward to in the coming year.  With that being said, I typically focus my new years resolutions on incorporating something new into my life like a new skill or talent that will contribute to my personal development.

To illustrate this, take a look at some of my previous new years resolutions.

1999: Take a Spanish lesson once a week.

2001: Start a weekly yoga and meditation practice.

2004: Learn how to make a new classic cocktail each week like a Harvey Wallbanger or an Old Fashioned and share with friends.

2008: Learn Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance and demonstrate as often as possible.  This is the resolution that keeps on giving, and has definitely come in handy on several occasions.

My goal with setting a new years resolution is about experiencing life!  So, how does this compare with most people’s resolutions?  Let’s take a look at the three most common new years resolutions.

 1. Lose weight   2.Get out of debt   3.Quit smoking

Doesn’t sound very fun to me, however, they are definitely worthy of attaining.  So why do the majority of people fail to continue their new years resolution by February and almost all people fail by March?  My personal opinion is we set ourselves up for failure.  We view our new years resolution as giving up something we once enjoyed vs. acquiring something new that we can enjoy.

At DEFINE we encourage you to take the same lessons learned in our classes into your life.  In class we are working to become stronger as well as flexible.  This causes a balance physically, mentally, and emotionally of our body and mind.  This can be challenging because all of us are seeking balance daily (even if you don’t realize it).

With all of the work you put into a class, you experience the amazing satisfaction of working through those challenges.  You do this by breathing and practicing positive self-talk.  The feeling you get afterwards is extremely rewarding.  As an instructor, the hardest part of my job is to create a personal challenge for each individual without discouraging someone who may not believe they can do it.  We encourage each client to focus on the benefits and to celebrate the small goals achieved vs. how far they have to go.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, get out of debt, or quit smoking, try focusing your efforts and energy on what the long-term goals happen to be.

At DEFINE you will hear the term “balance” quite often.  Since balance is a unique recipe for each individual, my goal for you is to take the lessons we teach in each class, and use those same principles in all areas of your life.  Have fun this new year becoming the best you possible.  Enjoy the process, sync your efforts with your long-term goals, find your balance, and remember that each step is about learning and enjoying life!