5 Tips For Staying Motivated by Lauren Mills 

It’s easy to come up with excuses not to work out: laundry, grocery store, and work to name a few. In my case, it’s a new baby! Here are my 5 tips for staying motivated:

  1. Buy A New Outfit – Don’t have to tell me twice! A cute outfit is an instant confidence booster and mood lifter. As the saying goes “when you look good, you feel good”! Indulge in a little retail therapy for that extra nudge to get you off the couch and out the door. 
  2. Mix Up Your Routine – Avoid burnout by changing up your classes. DEFINE has so many great options you’ll never get bored! While I’m primarily a DEFINE body girl, I can’t wait to try out the mommy + me class and the new Bounce workout.
  3. Workout With A Buddy – Not only is it more fun but it keeps you accountable. On the days when you’d rather skip, your buddy can provide that extra encouragement. Carpool if you can!
  4. Set A Goal – You need something to strive for whether it’s specific weight loss, tone &/or definition. Keep it realistic and measurable so you can track your progress.  My goal this summer is to lose the final 10lbs of baby weight.
  5. Reward Yourself – Once you reach your goal, treat yo self! I bought a bikini during a recent sale and it’s serving as both my motivation to lose those final pounds and my reward once I do.

What keeps you motivated? I’d love to know! Share your tips in the comments.

About our author: Sunday Beach is the personal style blog of Lauren Mills. As both an oil & gas accountant and fashion blogger, it is important that Lauren’s style easily transitions from work to weekend. The mix of high and low makes Lauren’s style obtainable and Sunday Beach approachable. Lauren lives with her handy husband Scott and their rescue, #kirbythecat, in Houston. Sunday Beach is named for the beach in Port O’Connor, Texas where Lauren and Scott got engaged. Follow Lauren on Twitter @laurensmills.