Most of us are fresh off the holidays and have set New Year’s resolutions. DEFINE Founder Henry Richardson shares why you could be sabotaging your workout resolutions with 10 fitness mistakes.

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 1. Unrealistic Goals

Most people set their resolutions and health goals during the holidays.  Why is this a bad decision? Two main reasons: 1.) Most people are suffering from eater’s remorse, so they are thinking more emotionally about how they are going to workout all the calories they just consumed. 2.) They are often times off from work and they have time on their hands to think about working out. Once they get back to  their normal routine, they forget to factor in what their schedule is really like when they are working.

2. Focusing Only on Cardio

body_colorfulIf you want to change your body, you must incorporate strength training.  A strong muscle, especially a lean muscle, is going to boost your metabolism. It is going to help you burn calories even while you are sleeping. Cardio is a great way to sweat and burn, but the real results happen from strengthening.

3. Not Having Balance

If you are going to create a resolution that is really going to stick, you must approach it with balance. Most people are eager and aggressive to get started. They say they are going to workout 5 days a week at the gym, and after the first week when they have made it two times, they completely give up. We must set realistic expectations.  Perhaps your goal is to do something active 5 days per week-then make sure you incorporate a walk with a friend during lunch time. Come home and have a family activity. I have a 4 year old, and all he wants is to be active.  If I come home and he wants to play a game that is active, like hiding and going seek. He is happy and we are all moving around.

4. Lack of Physical Balance

Be sure to incorporate elements of health into your workout that are more than just working out.  Set aside time to do a breathing practice, a meditation practice, or a stretching practice.  This can be one of your activities you allow yourself during the week.  This will help you “recover” and look forward to the variation of the week.  Perhaps it will even get you interested in trying a yoga class or something new in your area, like a DEFINE class.

5. Focusing on Body Image vs. The Way You Feel

There is nothing that kills your motivation faster than a month of working out hard and seeing NO RESULTS.  Focus on your increased energy, focus on your productivity, and focus on being a better person.  All of us want results, but don’t sabotage them by giving up if you don’t see them in 1 month.  Winter is the time to start working out so you can see results come summer time!

6. Not Having A Holistic Approach to Health

“I worked out, so I deserve pizza tonight!” Well, I would say our bodies are 60% of our genetics, 30% is the food we eat that will express our genetics, and 10% is the type of exercise we chose. We must incorporate a full lifestyle approach to how we live, if we want to see and feel results. That includes stress, diet, family, our spiritual life, etc.  We are trying to make sure we are getting all of our primary needs met, so we don’t turn to unhealthy foods to fill those gaps. We call them primary food vs. secondary food. Secondary food is the food we eat, where primary food is our family, our jobs, spiritual beliefs, etc.

DSC_2167 copy7. Control vs. Discipline

At DEFINE, we like to say it isn’t about being “good,” it is about getting better. Often times when people are over controlling, they become rigid.  They are super straight laced, and then all of a sudden they completely fall off the band-wagon, and they lose “control” for an extended time. They finally decide to jump back on where they are committed, but they repeat this cycle constantly. We want you to show a sense of discipline. Each day, try to be disciplined to wake up and make up your mind how you want to live, how you want to feel. Discipline is good, but it is expected that there are days when you make mistakes. Each day, be disciplined to ask yourself that question: how do I want to feel today? And set the intention of moving forward with that end result. If you are over controlling, you are more likely to attempt perfection vs. getting better.

8. Friends and Family

Have you tried a cleanse before?  You commit to drinking water, juices, and possibly light vegetarian meals for a few days with the goal of “resetting” your body and your system as a way to help rejuvenate your body and mind. Sometimes we have to do that with our friends and family at times. We call it a “Friend Cleanse.” They say we are an average of the 5 people we spend the most amount of time with. There are people in this world that lift you up and there are people that bring you down. If you are to think of 5 people that you spend the most amount of time with, ask yourself if that person brings you up, or brings you down. Your goal is to have 3 out of those 5 people bringing you up.  Financial, health, mood, etc.  It is time to bring yourself up and make sure you are bringing others up as well!

9. Focusing on Your Weaknesses and Not Your Strengths

Research shows that people who tend to focus on their strengths are happier in life. If you are in a job or doing exercise that you don’t feel compliment your strengths, then it could very easily be said that you are spending too much time focusing on your weaknesses. Focus on your own personal strengths. For example, if you don’t like any exercise, but you enjoy being social. Find a friend who you enjoy spending time with and set a date to take a walk around the park. Perhaps you can include a few people and have different dates. This is a long-term approach to living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

cam10. Using Your Strength for the Wrong Reasons-Be A Role Model

We spend a lot of time talking about physique, getting healthier, calories, but being healthy is simply about being a better version of yourself. All of us have goals. Perhaps our goal is to raise great children, perhaps our goal is to travel and see the world, maybe our goal is to earn more money. Whatever your goal may be, being healthy is part of that process. When you are strong, you can be a role model for others. Getting strong is about finding a reason why you want to be strong and then using that strength for service. Start thinking bigger picture. Often when we take it beyond ourselves, we gain new motivation!  I like to use my strength for my 4 year old.  Eating healthy and being active helps me “train” for keeping up with him. Why do you want to be strong? and how do you think you can use your strength for service?