It’s summer and you’re hot!  Ready for some no-cost tips on how to stay cool?  These may seem obvious or doing some already, but Big Green Head always likes to share little reminders just in case you forgot. For more information visit

1. Set your thermostat to 78

This will pull the humidity out of the air and save you from running your air conditioner a lot.  Turning a thermostat down to cool a room quicker doesn’t work, by the way, it makes the A/C run longer, not colder.

2. Check your refrigerator settings

The fridge takes heat out of your food and transfers it to your kitchen, so be sure you’re running efficiently. The refrigerator is best set between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the freezer around five degrees.

3. Turn off your lights

Incandescent light bulbs put off a lot of heat.  Start by switching to CFL’s and only turn on lights when you need them.

4. Wear short-sleeved, loose clothing

Invest in some wickable cotton clothing to look and feel cool.

5. Drink lots of cold beverages

Cold drinks drop your body’s core temperature and cool you down quickly.  Just try to avoid the unhealthy, sugary sorts.

6. Draw your drapes

Keeping your windows covered, especially on the west side of your house, will keep the sun from heating the indoors.

7. Run your air conditioner fan on low

This is particularly helpful in areas with high summer humidity. The low air volume helps your A/C dehumidify.

8. Don’t use the oven

Take advantage of your outdoor grill and make more use of you microwave – conventional cooking really heats up the house.

9. Close the fireplace damper

Don’t send cool air up the chimney. If your fireplace has a glass door, shut it.

10. Cut weeds around your air conditioner

Keep the airflow to your A/C unobstructed or else it’s working harder than it needs to.